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"Without exaggeration, you were one of the best presenters we have invited to our counseling retreats!  Your exercises and patient guidance during your explanations were very helpful in our understanding of Mindfulness.  And just as important, you helped us appreciate how to integrate this practice in our everyday lives."
~  Richard B.  (College counselor)

Natalie Bell“Natalie Bell is one of my favorite sources for knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, and new ways to live each day with more ease and peace. Natalie’s style is relatable, engaging, effective, and so spot on, she knows this from the inside!
~ Suzanne Bryant (Owner/filmmaker, Yoga IS)

"Natalie is truly an amazing teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion.  Since taking Natalie's class I am more loving to myself and those around me.  I am truly a better person, and well equipped with a toolbox of practices to offer myself through all the seasons of life.  I owe a piece of future self love, peace, and happiness to Natalie and her class."
~ Felicia

"I cannot put into words how thankful I am for leading our office through the session today. It truly made a difference and I got wonderful feedback from everybody"
~  Jason E.  (Manager, social media, entertainment company)

"Working with Natalie was a true gift.  Her ability to ask just the right question at just the right time enabled me to move through roadblocks in my personal and professional life.  While bringing professionalism and vast experience to our sessions, what I felt most from Natalie was a kind and loving heart that wished the very best for me as her client.  I felt her so present with me on our Skype sessions it was like being together in person.  I now have a greater capacity to accept myself and bring real compassion to myself and others.  I highly recommend working with Natalie to anyone looking for clarity and connection so they can move forward in all areas of their life!
~ Shonda Palmer (Health and Mindfulness coach)

"Natalie has a love of life that is contagious and has a sense of grounding that causes a calm sense of being.  She has helped expand my awareness to many different levels of consciousness. Natalie was instrumental in helping me re-establish my own sense of self and belonging."
~  Greg P.  (V.P. Marketing and Business Development, Hospital)

"I wanted to start off by saying thank you again for a meaningful session with our team last week.  You really helped us come together in a peaceful and honest place.  That’s something our group needs!   It was so impactful for us that we want to have you come out to our joint team meeting at the end of the month."
~  Ashley J  (Senior marketing strategist, national retail chain)

"Your presentation for our staff was so important and useful for us to be able to find calm in the midst of work and to access our inner resources for health and well being.  We would love to have you come again." 
~  Judy E. 
(Medical office administrator) 

"Natalie's groups have been a fantastic program and have been very well received.  Thanks so much for bringing mindfulness meditation here." 
~  Andrea E.  (Senior librarian) 


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