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Stress Reduction

Stress and its effects on the body

Stress is any challenge to the well being of your body or any disruption in your psychological balance.  If stress is chronic it has wide adverse effects on the body that include:

• Suppressed Immune function
• Decreased sleep wellness
• Increased blood pressure
• Impaired brain health
• Increased risk of dementia
• Reduced pleasure

Mindfulness can be employed throughout the day to help you deal with stressful situations.  Mindfulness exercises and tools can be used to help with any stressful circumstance whether at work, home, in relationships, or for your physical health issues.

Stress reduction is a primary goal of Mindful Wellness Training.  You will learn simple techniques that can be used throughout your day to help you manage your stress.  Techniques as short as 1 minute, 3 minutes, and 5 minutes are taught as part of this stress reduction training and can be very useful when used throughout the day.  The idea is to begin to master your own self-regulation when it comes to stress, emotions, and physical health. 
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