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Personal Mindfulness Coaching

Create the Most Powerful Shift in Your Life by learning to feel calm, balance, and inner support.  Begin your personal program Today

Learn how to experience mindfulness and self-compassion in your daily life to feel more connected, calm, and resilient.   I offer personalized training and coaching for you to build a foundation of mindfulness practice.  If you are new or experienced with mindfulness you can develop greater integration of mindfulness practices in your day-to-day life. 

   Manage Stress related to:                                  Enjoy these benefits:

   •  Life changes/challenges                                            •  Enhanced well being
    •  Work stress/ relationship issues                              •  Strengthen immunity & energy
    •  Perfectionism                                                              •  Improve attention & presence

    •  Anxiety, negative mood                                            •  Enhance positive emotions
    •  Sleep disturbance                                                       •  Improve your confidence & communication
    •  Body/health issues                                                     •  Learn self-compassion & kindness practices      

In Person •  By Phone  •  Via Skype/Zoom

     One-on-one mindfulness and self-compassion training

   •  Personalized Stress Reduction Programs

   •  Gain tools for health enhancement &  wellness
   •  Audio Guided Meditations

   •  Health & Lifestyle Coaching

What makes Natalie's approach unique?

I offer clients a mindfulness based approach to wellness, stress reduction, and ultimately a path for greater self-acceptance.  My primary focus is to assist you to discover your own innate resources for well being. A way to find calm amidst the pressures of daily life, to uncover resilience and kindness when faced with challenge, and to find clarity that can reveal your own greatest potential.  Through training and coaching you will discover how to become your own best ally.

I hold a deep belief that we all have within us the ability to feel renewed in our body, mind, and spirit, as we discover our own capacity for awareness. Through my own challenges, and discoveries, of knowing this potential in my life, and in many others' lives, I bring an understanding that can be helpful to others.  My goal is to bring practical, relatable, and accessible skills for you to use in your daily life. 

  Book My 12-session Thrive Inside Mindful Living Program Now
    Special on session packages
    Available by phone or Skype or Zoom
    Office in West Los Angeles
    To request 20-min discovery call use this calendar,
    Call (310) 266-7414


Discover a completely new way of balancing your life and a new way of dealing with obstacles that allows you to thrive...
  • Develop greater personal presence
  • Improve confidence
  • Develop greater focus
  • Hold compassionate attention for better relationships
  • Improve communication
  • Free yourself of unwanted habitual thoughts
  • Learn techniques to overcome fears
  • Perform at your peak level

Be able to create lasting transformation...

  • Align your life with your goals
  • Create a rich environment for yourself
  • Experience deeper fulfillment and joy
  • Live more authentically

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