Natalie Bell       Mindful Wellness                       
 Cultivating Awareness

If it is possible to say that your life could be completely transformed by one thing then mindful awareness would surely be it.  An Awareness that allowed you to see your thoughts more clearly, to compassionately observe the feelings you have when problems arise, to savor experiences, to see your actions with objective observation...
This is what Mindfulness is.  To see your world with clear vision and with aliveness, seeing it unfold right here and now.  What could this do for you?      

Mindfulness in more detail

Mindfulness is the awareness of the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that arise in us, just as they are.  It is also the awareness of awareness itself, this witnessing of all of the elements in our moment by moment experience.  An awareness that is present in each moment, seeing experiences clearly and with curiosity as they come to our attention.  Mindfulness allows us to be open and compassionate to our experiences while giving us the vision to see where we can grow and transform our lives for healthier living.  It gives us the freedom of choice and personal transformation.

Mindfulness is also a way of living in the world, of thinking and acting in a consciously directed way that is aligned with our values and intentions.

In daily life, mindfulness is a way of taking in experiences openly, knowing how we engage those experiences, and having the freedom to shift our perspectives and behaviors to have greater harmony in our lives.

At the heart of mindfulness practice we bring a compassionate presence to the richness with which we can experience daily life.  Moment to moment sensations, observations and feelings, become richer, more vivid, more full and more compassionate.  This is the life enriching benefit of mindfulness. 

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