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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness & Mindfulness Training

How do we help employees to stay engaged in a focused and balanced way at work?  Giving them tools to shift out of stress can create a positive culture of well being at your company.  Bringing mindfulness programs into your organization can deliver significant results in just a short amount of time. These programs are custom tailored to your organization's goals and needs and cover a wide range of strategies to bring wellness, stress reduction, renewed commitment, and greater group cohesion. 

Mindfulness in Leadership
is another offering for your leadership teams to build authentic presence, improve emotional intelligence and motivate organizations with focus and clarity.  The development of self awareness and emotional intelligence is a key part of this program.


Customize a program to fit your company's needs or choose from several different programs:
   • Introductory 1-Hour Session
   • 4-week Program
   • 8-week In-Depth Program
   • Day or 1/2 Day Retreat
   • Individualized Coaching

Programs usually offered on a weekly basis with 30-60 minute sessions.

Individualized coaching sessions are also available for one or a small group of employees.  For more information on these programs please call (310) 266-7414.

$8.70 per dollar spent
Return on Investment
on mindfulness training

(research by eMindful)

Skills Training

Participants learn skills for well being that can be used on-the-spot and on a daily basis.  Learn to address stress due to increasing workloads and the increased demands on our attention.  These skills offer ways to:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Develop Focus & Calm                      
  • Improve Creativity
  • Improve Communication
  • Develop Self-Compassion
  • Create Greater Balance
  • Develop Leadership Presence
  • Increase Satisfaction

Many employees ask to learn skills that allow them to deal with more difficult or challenging situations.  In these programs participants receive personal stress management training, learn how to manage difficult thoughts, difficult emotions, and employ practices that create mindful interactions for a more harmonious work environment.  The impact of these practices can lead to improved leadership and management styles as well as employee satisfaction and retention.

Many companies have enjoyed the benefit of these programs.  Below are just a few of the companies participating in them.

Corporate Clients

And more Corporate Clients...

Advertise Purple

Milken Institute

University of Denver

ALS Association 


Getty Foundation




Viceroy Hotels

Bain & Co

Ant Farm Entertainment 

Canyon Partners 


Merrill Lynch 

Deutsch Bank

Lymphoma Research Foundation 

NBC Universal 



LA Business Journal

Inventiv Health

Wonderful Co





Katten Law

Michelman & Robinson

Palm Springs Visitors Bureau

Los Angeles Public Library 

UCLA Family Physicians 



Zico Water 

Advancement Leaders Association 

Kipp Schools

And more... 


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