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Brain Training

What is Brain Training?  We train our brains every day with each new experience.  Even if that experience feels "old", or something we have experienced many times before, we are still training our brain.  With every experience, the wiring of neurons in our brain gets strengthened by the particular experiences we are having.   We may look at our brains as a collection of maps, with numerous roadways of neurons that get traveled by experience.  The more we travel on a certain roadway the easier it is for us to travel down that same pathway again.  We are strengthening that pathway.  Directed Brain training is directing our thoughts and experiences such that we influence what neural pathways get traveled and, therefore, strengthened.  With brain training we gain:

•  Access to positive mood states
•  Improved attention / focus
•  Ability to calm and relax
•  A Shift from rumination to clarity
•  Top Down control of habits
•  Better emotion regulation
•  Greater resilience to deal with stresses
•  Control of fears
•  Courage to take action
•  More emotional balance

Every day our brains strengthen some neural connections, let others wear away and fall into disuse, and make room for brand new ones. We can influence this neurological rewiring process in a positive way.  In the brain the saying goes "what fires together, wires together".  This means that neurons which fire together with certain experiences create a network that will strengthen each time we have that experience. 

So, Use it or Lose it...Use it a lot, and it Grows.  This is important to remember with both positive thought patterns and negative thought patterns. 

Brain training is an integral part of Mindful Wellness Training.

Check out this fascinating article "To Harness Neuroplasticity, Start with Enthusiasm" by Dr. Helena Popovic

A quote to consider... 

Watch your thoughts, they become words. 

Watch your words, they become actions. 

Watch your actions, they become habits. 

Watch your habits, they become character. 

Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.


"100 quotations to make you think", by Wolfgang Riebe.

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