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Ignite Compassion to Live More Authentically

Train your Inner Voice to Cultivate Courage, Motivation, and Resilience with Fierce Self-Compassion

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Mindfulness and Compassion

Feel more calm, centered and connected
Manage reactive emotions that cause stress
Cultivate Positivity

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Well Being at Work

Corporate Wellness & Mindfulness Training
Create a culture of well being at work
Custom, tailored Program

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Public Speaking

Availabe for keynotes, lectures, workshops and team building retreats
To help your audience learn the key skills

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Practice Self-Compassion with Natalie

The Self-Compassion Break – Responding to Yourself with Kindness

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Self-Compassion Training for Healthcare Communities

Have you ever wondered if there was a skill you could use to help you sustain real compassionate care for patients in the face of competing demands like technology, time pressure, and fatigue?

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5 Focus Steps to Feeling Great About You

Most of us know that gratitude is good for our well being. When we’re grateful we usually think of friends, family, and our community. But we are rarely appreciative of our own good qualities.

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How to Free Yourself From the Myth of Discontent

It is said that the key to the Good Life is to live in the present moment. It sounds so simple and yet for most of us we find ourselves constantly living in the future or past…

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Upcoming Courses

It’s Time to Reconnect

Fierce Self-CompassionSelf-Compassion for ShameSelf-Compassion Training for Healthcare Communities
WhatExplore the power of using the Self-Compassion Break with both loving and fierce compassion.
Discovering a personal communication style to grow your inner compassionate and motivational voice.
8-week Program
The Groundbreaking program developed by Dr Chris Germer, Natalie Bell, Laila Narsi and the SC-Shame Team
8-week Program
2 hours each week,
This program aims to improve wellbeing and personal resilience in healthcare professionals by teaching mindful self compassion skills to deal with distressing emotional situations as they occur at work and at home.
April 24 - June 5, 2024
11:00 am -1:30 pm PST
February 27 - Apr 23, 2024
3:00-5:00 pm PT

Upon Request
WhereOnline via Zoom videoOnline via Zoom videoOnline via Zoom video
& select in person options if local

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Let’s Meditate

Get 3 Powerful Practices for Calm, Clarity and Compassion